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Every year the award-winning List í Ljósi festival celebrates the return of the sun to a remote, East Iceland fjord. During the final two days of darkness, the town of Seyðisfjörður turns off all of its lights and welcomes a selection of international and national artists to illuminate the wild landscape with contemporary artworks, on a thrilling scale. 

Alongside the unique outdoor exhibition, this renowned, free festival attracts visitors and participants from across the globe to experience a program of film screenings, performances, and events to both generate and gather a creative community.

Next festival:

9 & 10 February 2024

18:00 - 22:00


Celia Harrison



Celia is a trained spatial designer, installation artist and creative director from New Zealand where she specialises in community development through experiential event design.  


She is the founder of the internationally acclaimed light festival Art in the Dark and Co-Director of event production company Celery Productions.

Sesselja Jónasardóttir


Sesselja is designer producer and business owner-operator from Iceland.


With vast experience in festivals and events, she is also a member of the Lunga Festival Committee and co-founder of the List í ljósi light festival.



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