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HEIMA x LIST Í LJÓSI 2021 Publication CRYSTALS#001

In a time with an abundance of intertwined uncertainties and demonstrative absence of familiar circumstances, List í Ljósi and Heima Art Collective have come together for the third collaborate project to gather a publication proposing impulses for initiating a shared consciousness and conversation on how we care for and re-imagine stories of life and the territories we are subsiding from.

The publication is art present from List í Ljósi, Heima Art Collective and Uppbyggingasjóði Austurlands. The publication is a print version of the List í Ljósi x HEIMA project that due to Covid19 could not physically occur in 2021. 

Heima Art Collective is an ecology consisting of fifteen collaborators with various practices and relations to Seyðisfjörður and with varied proximity to current circumstances, experience an intensified sensation of care-relations to people, non-humans, landscapes and the communities they form. It is from these positions we share our voice in unison in our first publication. 

The members of the Heima Art Collective are:

Andreas Lemche (DK)

Austin Thomasson (US)

Björt Sigfinsdóttir (IS)

Celia Harrison (NZ)

Hilmar Guðjónsson (IS)

Jonatan Spejlborg Juelsbo (DK)

Lasse Høgenhof (DK)

Laura Tack (BE)

Lotte Rose (DK)

Morten Løwenstein (DK)

Minerva Pietilä (FI)

Nanna Spejlborg Juelsbo (DK)

Nanna Mølbak (DK)

Sesselja Hlín Jonasardóttir (IS)

Simon Bergkjær (DK)


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