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February 10, 2020

Herðubreið Cinema 20:00

Film Screening
‘White White Day’

In a remote Icelandic town, an off-duty police chief begins to suspect a local man of having had an affair with his late wife, who died in a tragic accident two years earlier. Gradually his obsession for finding out the truth builds and inevitably he begins to himself and his loved ones in danger. A story of grief, revenge, and unconditional love.

Director Hlynur Pálmason brings us his second feature film A White, White Day, which had its world premiere at the Critics’ Week in Cannes 2019 where Ingvar E. Sigurðsson won a Louis Roederer Foundation Rising Star Award. The film has already garnered rave reviews and received numerous prizes – it is also in pre-selection for the European Film Awards 2019 and has been nominated for the Nordic Council Film Prize 2019.


February 11, 2020

Herðubreið Cinema 20:00

Film Screening
'The Last Autumn'

According to legend, “at the beginning of the world once again there was neither sand nor sea, neither soothing waves nor billowing meadows, neither playful winds nor sky, only a gaping abyss.” The nothingness receded, and there at the edge of the world Iceland emerged. A man and a woman traveled with their livestock to take up residence on the island’s farthest cape – beyond which there is only the inhospitable Arctic Ocean. It is autumn, and Úlfar and his wife are once again visited by their grandchildren, who help them drive the sheep from the hills down to the farm. But this year will be the last time. An almost tangible cinematic fabric that weaves a tale of an abandoned place where the mist clings to the steel-blue surface of the sea and where the occasional human visitor is sometimes welcome.


February 14, 2020

Herðubreið Gallery 17:00

Exhibition Opening ‘Gulur Dvergur’ Litten Nystrøm (DK), Linus Lohmann (DE) and Elvar Már Kjartansson (IS)

Linus Lohmann (Born 1982 in Hannover, Germany) graduated from Hannover University of Applied sciences and Arts and concluded with a Masters degree with honors at Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin in 2012. He has been living and working in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland since. His work often combines sculptural and/or kinetic elements that reveals processes from technology or dynamic forms in relation to traditional handcraft techniques. His interest in the intersection between the hand and the device is also apparent in works where the outcome relies on hand build devices, machines or special material properties, thus both incorporating process, performance and, in some cases, drawings resulting from a certain movement or intricate process.


Currently Linus work is focused on connections between intention and substances. work that raises questions about legacy of an object or space by orchestrating re-manifestations of material particles by the means of experimental printmaking techniques and drawings that gradually compiles of and translates imagery into cloudy and diffuse assemblies or entities of dots.


Litten Nystrøm (Born 1977 in Aarhus, Denmark) is educated at The Royal Danish Academy for Fine Arts / School of Design in Copenhagen (2003-2008). The circumstance of life in rural East Iceland, where she has been living since 2011, or other specific sites or territories that she choose in her practise, are directly or indirectly basis for most of her work that address fundamental questions through local phenomena, material and properties in minimal yet subtle installations, sculpture or other forms. Tangible compositions indicating or witnessing alternating perspectives, shifts in dimensions and fleeting properties, pointing to undefined territories.


Littens current work is characterized by a minimalistic, material oriented yet conceptual focus on a fundamental, raw and omnipresent material and light as indicators and inhibitors of accumulations of time.

Elvar Már Kjartansson was born in Reykjavik, Iceland, in 1982. In 2009 he started to split his time between Reykjavík and Seyðisförður, and moved here permanently in 2012. His work has been shown across Iceland as well as in exhibitions in Paris, France; Prague, Czech Republic; Bruno, Czech Republic; and Vienna, Austria. In 2016 Elvar was part of the project, Frontiers of Solitude, a collaboration between Skaftfell and institutions in Norway and the Czech Republic, which considered the contemporary transformation of landscape. Under the name Auxpan, Elvar releases experimental music and has participated in concerts in Iceland, France, USA, United Kingdom, Italy and Belgium.

Elvar has a strong affinity with wood, as he also works as a carpenter. His approach to these materials is to enact a process or action upon a material. The gesture can be aggressive, such as the splitting of a piece of rowan timber. Between that physical action and material object, Elvar is liberating the non-physical remnant. Such as the particular sound created in that action, giving rise to ghosts of a form and process.


'The Ripples of Now' Considerations of contemporary artistic practice

February 11, 2020

Herðubreið Cinema 17:30

In this session, four practitioners, all involved with artistic and institutional practice, will bring their thoughts, confusions and concerns about considering the contemporary not merely as a series of global problems calling for solutions, but rather a general transvaluation of everything we thought we knew, reconfiguring the messiness of doing and living.


Jonatan Spejlborg Juelsbo

Lotte Rose Kjær Skau

Chris Handberg

Margrethe Kolstad Brekke

With host Nanna Vibe S Juelsbo

February 12, 2020

Herðubreið Cinema 20:00

'The Ripples of Now' Presentations of contemporary artistic projects

In this session, four local and international practitioners will present individual artistic projects. Through these presentations the artists will touch upon the history, the thoughts and the materiality of the work and how the work itself relates to the time that is now.


Julia Martin (DE)  - Towards Ecocritical Art

Martin Andersen (NO) – Sun Mirror

Tinna Guðmundsdóttir - Frontiers in Retreat 

Kolbeinn Arnbjörnsson – Skarfur

Hosted by Nanna Vibe S Juelsbo


February 16, 2020

Herðubreið Hall 13:00

Sun coffee

Celebrating the arrival sun in Icelandic tradition, we invite the community of Seydisfjordur for coffee and cake at Herdubreid to close the week.


February 15, 2020

Bistro Skaftfell 22:00

After Party

Celebrating the close of the festival with performances and DJs at Skaftfell Bistro:



is a Danish queer producer and artist who creates a room in which the audience moves both physically and mentally. Through her music and her record label CECH RECORDS she’s accelerating the LGBT-revolution in Denmark and is challenging structures and norms in the music industry and society.


February 14, 2020

Herðubreið living 17:00

Svandís Egilsdóttir: Sara Julia Math, me, my mother and the kitchen Check in.

Svandís studied fine art and art teaching in Denmark and the USA and then later social science through ethnography here in Iceland. She has exhibited many times home and abroad and mostly defines herself as a painter and a teacher. For the last seven years Svandís has been a principle with a definite mission to add more art and art teaching into the children's education. She took this job on as an artistic creative project. 

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