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John Grzinich

Powerless Flight

John Grzinich (Estonia/US) has worked since the early 1990s as an artist and cultural coordinator with various practices combining sound, moving image, site-specificity, and collaborative social structures. He has performed and exhibited in North/South America, Europe and Japan and his compositions have been published on a host of international labels. The focus of his work in recent years has been to combine sound and listening practices with various media to confront anthropocentric perceptions of the world through expanded forms of listening.


Powerless Flight was originally conceived as a response to the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, where keen listeners witnessed a brief eco-acoustic ‘return of nature’ during the global lockdowns. Reorienting our perception towards other-than-human worlds, the installation aims to give a voice to the often unseen and unheard forces of the geophysical, allowing us to listen and hear the more subtle aspects of earthly processes.The wind harps are designed to respond to a wide variety of conditions such as wind speed and direction. These conditions in turn affect the tonality, harmonics and loudness of the sound.


Björt Sigfinnsdóttir
Enchanted Harmony, Fragments of time.

This artwork extends an invitation to a meditative ritual, where the audience may explore the prospect of discovering their inner connection to their childhood memories of the northern lights while, perhaps, simultaneously calling forth the supernatural spectacle into the current evening sky.

Beyond the canvas of visual aesthetics, this installation transcends into a meditative ritual. It serves as an invocation, a calling upon Mother Earth and its celestial forces to safeguard the life nestled within the embrace of Seyðisfjörður. This artwork stands as an ode to the formidable nature of Seyðisfjörður, a love letter to its beauty that also acknowledges the inherent threats it poses.

Björt Sigfinnsdóttir, an Icelandic singer, composer, and multimedia artist, is based in Seyðisfjörður.



Abigail Portner


A carousel's original meaning was "little battle" a game created in the 12th century for practicing combat. Over time this concept became more and more playful and shifted into the current day merrygoround you see in parks and fairgrounds today. This piece of work follows the same concept. The circular motion of the lighting shifts from optimism to pessimism and back to optimism again. This sculpture uses both the inside and outside of a building, because sometimes what is happening on the outside isn't what it seems. Carousel is a combo of video mapping, sculpture and lighting. 


Abigail Portner is a visual artist and production designer based in the US. She creates large scale interactive installations, videos and sculptures. Most of her work involves playful stop motions, printed patterns and illustrations. Abby has spent a lot of her career on the road as a touring lighting and production designer for bands like John Cale and Animal Collective, Her personal work reflects this experience and is often very light driven.

Sculpture 2.png

Vikram Pradhan
Visible Signs That Something Isn't Right

Born in India and based in Iceland, Vikram works with various mediums in the field of art and design to create pataphysical works, revolving around photography, psychology and philosophy. His previous works have dealt with topics like the visual experience of Schizophrenia and the practice of Lucid Dreaming through a fictional radio show.

The sculpture's title, "Visible Signs That Something Isn't Right," serves as both a guide and a riddle. At first glance, the piece appears as a harmonious convergence, drawing spectators into a seemingly cohesive structure.


Creature Post


Inspired by the stories of the Lagarfljót Worm, a serpentine form winds its way through the structure of the building. Other inspiration comes from Frank Herbert’s Shai-Hulud, Ouroboros and the work of Escher and Giger - channelling the unease that might be felt when encountering a large scaled serpent unexpectedly in an urban environment. The magic viewing spot where the illusion is perfectly resolved can be discovered by viewers as they walk around the building.


Creature Post is a creative studio based in Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland) New Zealand.

The work they do combines physical and digital worlds. 

They build multi-layered experiences, that create moments of magic and human connection.

With a deep passion for crafting captivating public immersive collective experiences, they believe that every project presents a unique opportunity for creativity and collaboration.


Martin Ersted / Båll & Brand (DK) / Robotic Folk (LT) 

The Ice is Melting at the Pøules 

Båll & Brand is proud to present our latest art installation, "The Ice is Melting at the Pøules," as part of the List i Ljosi. This captivating and thought-provoking piece is a testament to our commitment to exploring the intricate relationship between art, culture, and the pressing climate crisis. Every second, 13 million liters of meltwater from the ice sheet flow into the sea.

At the heart of this installation is an ever-changing, analog, and organic projection that challenges conventional artistic boundaries. We achieve this visual by illuminating rotating glass discs containing a unique blend of materials: meltwater from the Dachstein Glacier in Austria, blue dye derived from endangered cornflowers, Enzian, and crude oil sourced from an actual oil field in the USA. This deliberate juxtaposition of seemingly incompatible elements serves as a powerful commentary on the complex issues, notably humanity's role in oil extraction, that contribute to global warming.

"The Ice is Melting at the Pøules" is not just an art installation; it is a powerful call to action, a celebration of nature's beauty, and a testament to the potential of art to provoke meaningful change.  We are excited to share this transformative experience with the Seydisfjordur audience and beyond.


Jessica Auer


Influenced by experimental cinema, “Merki” takes us on a journey up the road from Seyðisfjörður, exploring the landmarks that punctuate a vast, midwinter landscape. 

Jessica Auer is a Canadian photographer and filmmaker, who has been based in Seyðisfjörður since 2017. Through a research-based approach, she examines our social, political and aesthetic attitudes towards place, including but not limited to – historical sites, tourist destinations, and small communities. Jessica teaches photography part-time at Concordia University in Montréal, and runs Ströndin Studio, a photographic art center in Seyðisfjörður.


Katla Rut Pétursdóttir

Dlindla - Sun catcher

I have always sought to create.
Create with my voice when I sing.
Create with my body when I act and dance.
Create with recording technology when I make short films and videos.
Create with my words when I write poems and texts.
Create with my mind as I pump out ideas to make the normal everyday extraordinary for me and my daughters.

The inspiration is usually the community and its history.
The community around me.

Katla Rut Pétersdóttirswork:
The sun is hiding.
Her annual game of hide and seek is coming to an end.
The sun catchers shimmer like rock crystals, breaking the light.
They do the same when the solar rays finally show up, reflecting and dispersing them.
As when the sun captures rays in the snow, the lagoon, the icicles.
Gleaming reflections that hopefully illuminate the mind and hearts.

We are about to capture the sun and its rays!


Hallur á Hálvmork Joensen

Flickering nonsense

Faroese living in Seyðisfjörður



Tessa Rivarola

Muñequita rota / Broken doll

Tessa Rivarola is a South American artist currently residing in Seydisfjordur. She likes to create between the fields of puppetry, physical theater and writing. In her works she explores feminine universes and the existential work of demolishing the mandates on our bodies. For this occasion she will share a fragment of the performance "Muñequita rota" (Broken little doll) directed by Marisol Salinas (El Salvador) with music by Germán Lema (Argentina) and video collage by visual artist Ana Brisa Caballero (Paraguay).


RARIK & List í Ljósi


Dagur's works can be described as a spectacle of colors - shapes - light and play or participation with the viewer. The works are often in a traditional medium but unconventional to see. They move between being a print in a frame that plays on the eye or in a sculptural form. Spectacle or optical illusion are words that are sometimes used for his work and it comes into what the eye sees and does not see, that there is something moving that is not moving or a change in the work itself that cannot be fully explained.


Dagur works a lot with his perception of the environment and how he understands it. He draws inspiration from shapes, colors and light in his works, but jumps a lot between media where he has made prints, sculptures, photographs and installations.


Dagur enjoys making work that the viewer can participate in, thereby making the artwork more than just an art object.


Apolline Fjala

The end of the line.

The piece documents the Fish Factory before its closing. 


Apolline Fjara lives and works in Seyðisfjörður 


Bíbí Kabarí


Bíbí Kabarí is a collective swan/upcoming fashion house, currently appearing in the shape of a Sunday Pastry Club in the community center in Seyðisfjörður. Their work „WIGS“ is a buffet. 



Francesco Fabris & Kateřina Blahutová Glitsteinar

Glitsteinar emerges as a floating audiovisual installation, shedding light on the pervasive issue of ocean plastic pollution. Plastic, now an integral element of the marine ecosystem in the form of microplastics, floating plastic islands, or plastiglomerates, serves as both inspiration and medium in this surreal installation.

Francesco Fabris is an Interdisciplinary artist and experimental composer working with a/v, installations, and studio productions as producer and engineer. His personal work originates from procedures that extract sound and visual forms out of a naturalistic context, while often filtering the outcome through machine-driven techniques.


Kateřina Blahutová is a multimedia designer crafting experiences based on interplay of light and space, oscillating between digital and physical realities. In her artistic endeavours, she speculates on posthuman narratives and dialogues between products of human civilization and nature.


Edda Karólína

Kemur Í ljós

Kemur í ljós is an installation that explains the process of photosynthesis in an all encompassing visual way. The work invites the viewer to step into a magical visual world of photosynthesis and experience the process by walking through it.

Edda Karólína is a muralist, designer and an artist. She works across mediums to create art that dives into contemporary issues, exploring and explaining as she takes the viewer on a journey through her mind. Edda uses her art to influence social debate and finds diverse methods to use art to shed new light on various contemporary issues.


Garðar Bachmann Þórðarson

Still as light

Garðar Bachmann Þórðarson is a chef born and raised in Seyðisfjörður.

His work “Still as light” is about contrast of light in different parts of the hemisphere around the same time of the year.


Orkusalan & List í Ljósi

Í hvað fer þín orka?

Orkusalan is one of List í Ljósi sponsers and has join forces with List í Ljósi and made an interactive work this year called “Í hvað fer þín orka?”

To learn more about Orkusalan go to


Hanna Christel Sigurkarlsdóttir

Lux Aaterna

The artwork „Lux Aaterna?“ touches on contemplations on eternity, the universe and possible repetition there within. The title refers to a choral piece, by a German composer Clytus Gottwald, which was used as soundtrack in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, directed by Stanley Kubrick. The music score in the film is part of the art piece, reflecting on the atmosphere within the film as well as the desire of the humans to explore beyond the unknown.

Hanna Christel lives and works in Seyðisfjörður, as a project manager in cultural projects as well as her own. She graduated in 2002 with a B.A. from the multimedia department in Iceland Academy of the Arts and has exhibited in many places. She works mainly with spatial installations with a focus on the sense of material, space and colour and sometimes sound.





lette is a new 

mirror - is a swan - is a song 

is just another word 

for ripples 


the looping sky longing 

mirror - is a smack - is a hum 

is just another image 

of hoping subsists from a local and interlocal group dedicated to initiate, maintain care for and give attention to objects, images, text - - performance - - radio & sound.


Hekla Dögg Jónsdóttir


Photographs forming two different facades in the backlit window front. Presenting a space that is somewhere between a photograph and a place.

Hekla Dögg Jónsdóttir makes interactive constellations, large-scale paper installations, often resulting in a group or cluster of related things. Often intertwined with creating a dialogue of sound, her work might manifest itself as a frozen puddle in the middle of the summer, pop-up igloos, fireworks, or wishing wells. Her works carry significant moments of wonder, magic, and the unexpected. Hekla Dögg held the position of professor of art at the Iceland University of the Arts from 2012 to 2022 and is one of the founders and a member of the artist run space Kling & Bang.


Sesselja Hlín Jónasardóttir

Look up!


LungA School

Losing Looping Forgetting!

Exhibition title:

Losing Looping Forgetting


A leaf a gourd a shell is a tent, is a tentative state for sheltering soft meat, soft edges!


An exhibition gathered by the LungA School participants


Mazen Maarouf


In this poem, I use a metamorphosis of images to demonstrate in a storylike structure the yearning of the self of human being for familiarity, cordiality, warmth and friendship amidst a solitude and feeling of insecurity on a large scale. Trees have always been the closest symbol of nature to the urban humans. We live and get experienced sometimes to similar factors without realizing how connected we are. In most of the cases we don’t know their names too. I tried to navigate to this intimacy by drawing a night-like atmosphere without mentioning darkness or light or any of those physical elements but to let the reader construct all that while going through the poem. 

Mazen Maarouf (1978) is a Palestinian writer, poet, translator and journalist.


List í Ljósi


LIL_Festival 2024_School.png

Seyðisfjörður Music School Concert

Seyðisfjörður Music School Concert


The Seyðisfjörður Music School opens the List í Ljósi festival at 18:00 o’clock Friday night with a concert of original compositions, by students from 3rd-8th grade. Window art made by the students of the school.


List í Ljósi

What does it truly mean?

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