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February 12-13, 2021

Herðubreið Gallery 18:00-22:00

Erik DeLuca & Kolbeinn Hugi 'Seeds of Perpetuity'

For List í Ljósi Light Festival we are releasing our brand new live YouTube album. This live album of music is being made by a computer program right now. What you hear is a remix of an extensive discography of records released in the 70s written specifically to help plants grow healthy. Using machine learning and music information retrieval, the computer program categorizes the discography into seedlings of sound that grow slowly into ambient, rhizomatic music. The album art is animated from a curated pot of plant images that are

transformed into a never ending flow.


Erik DeLuca: producer/concept

Kolbeinn Hugi: producer/album art

February 12-13, 2021

Austurvegur 18:00-22:00

Katla & Eyrun Pétursdóttir 


Like ripples on a water surface the community of Seyðisfjörður spreads itself around the world.
The words in the crossword puzzle came from all over and were collected within 24 hours.
These are your words connected to Seyðisfjörður, the landslides and your feelings afterwards.
Every experience is personal but at the same time common.
Your words become all of our words.

Mynd - Krossgáta.jpg

February 12-13, 2021

Austurvegur 18:00-22:00

Laura Tack 'Fall on me'

‘Fall on me’ is a collaboration between the Chicago-based animator Sarah Ann Banks and painter Laura Tack

‘Fall on me’ carries the intensity and romanticism of impressionism and is an ode to the isolation and dislocation after natural disaster. 
Flowers as tradition, as an acceptable response to loss and pain. Flowers symbolising the most temporal and temporary beauty.



February 12-13, 2021

Austurvegur 18:00-22:00

Litten Nystrøm and Haraldur Karlsson 'Prismatic'

‘Prismatic’ is a video work that explores a site - the town of Seyðisfjörður - in different frequencies; enhancing, refracting, and obscuring images caught by the eye of the camera and projected as prismatic light onto the winter night.

Each moment holds myriads of choices, ways of seeing, angles, distractions and possibilities, created as a combination between our way of perception and the reality around us. The work positions the familiar and the unknown as parallel realities we unfold in every step we take. 
The town of Seydisfjördur unifying the sense of home and original. 

Haraldur Karlsson (b. 1967, Reykjavik) is a visual artist working with video, installation art, performances, workshops, curating, and as a festival organiser and cultural consulting. Karlsson presents his art at exhibitions and in public spaces, which for him becomes a place of critical reflection on the development and growth of contemporary society. 
Karlsson holds a diploma in fine arts Mixed Media from the Icelandic art school in Reykjavik and a bachelor’s degree in fine arts media art from AKI (Academy of Fine Arts) Enchede, in the Netherlands. He studied multidisciplinary Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. Between 1999 and 2009, Karlsson worked at the Icelandic Academy of Fine Arts as head of fine arts digital Media Lab. He has had a number of exhibitions, performances, workshops and lectures both in Iceland and internationally.
Danish born artist and designer, Litten Nystrøm (b. 1977) has been living in Iceland since 2011. Her work often crosses media and genres, defining a space where object, surface and actions overlap. The result can be characterised as subtle manifestations that address the ongoing intervention between time, circumstance, matter and consciousness, positioning object and image as restless forms with fleeting properties. Concepts and dialogues often developed on site, materialise in works or installations that are both happenings and tangible compositions. 
Litten was educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - School of Design in Copenhagen 2003-8, she has exhibited internationally and her work is included in the comprehensive anthology: “Danish Artist Books” presenting the most significant Danish contributions to the history of artists’ bookmaking. Besides her own practice she was the manager for the Residency- & Projects program at Skaftfell Center for Visual Art; she was a founder of the Iceland based artist group RoShamBo; she is behind the design label RÓ; and most recently co-founded FOSS - an artist run publishing house for limited editions. Since 2019 she has been teaching at the Fine Arts and Design Department in LHI, Reykjavík.



February 12-13, 2021

Austurvegur 18:00-22:00

Lotte Rose Kjær Skau 'me_smoking from series United We/I Stand etc. (2021)'

Lotte Rose Kjær Skau (1984) is a multimedia artist based in Copenhagen, DK and Seydisfjordur, IS.
She is passionate about rear view cameras in cars, sport aesthetics, rubber elastic training bands, rowing machines, forest and digital decay and cyclic movement.

Skau’s practice weaves in and out of materiality and immateriality placing her praxis in between the physical and digital realm.
For Skau her praxis relies on being in the mindset of “creating with” establishing collaborations with her materials and letting surroundings dictate decision in her work. It is within this flow the works manifest.


February 12-13, 2021

Bjólfur 18:00-22:00

Friða Ísberg & Nanna Vibe S Juelsbo 'Fjallið'

Fjallið is a collaborative request for a conversation with a mountain written by Icelandic writer Friða Ísberg and Danish writer Nanna Vibe.

gult 2-1.jpg

Opnun föstudagur 12. febrúar, kl. 18:00-20:00

Listamannaspjall laugardagur 13. febrúar, kl. 14:00
Sýningin stendur til 11. apríl 16:00-21:00

Þór Vigfússon

It can be said that visual artist Þór Vigfússon swears allegiance to the minimalists. Fluctuating between paintings and wall-mounted sculptures, his works speak into the space through their reflective surfaces and smooth textures, and through their joyful color combinations, which are nevertheless refined and down-to-earth. The interaction between the works and the space is affected by every nuance of light and shade. In the Skaftfell gallery, over the coming weeks the rising sun will influence this interaction, creating a changing response as the natural light in the fjord intensifies. The simplicity and interplay of material, colour, form and space in Þór’s work is conducive to creating inner peacefulness and quietness in times of crisis and challenge, such as our community in Seyðisfjörður has recently been undergoing. May this exhibition bring us gently into the light that is ahead, and into the spring. 


Þór Vigfússon was born in Reykjavík in 1954 and studied art at MHÍ and later in the Netherlands at the Strichting De Vrije Academie in The Hague. He has exhibited in many places both in Iceland and abroad, e.g. Kjarvalsstaðir, the Living Art Museum, i8 gallery, Quint Gallery in San Diego and The Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen City, China. 

Þór lives and works in Reykjavík and Djúpivogur. 


Curators: Hanna Christel Sigurkarlsdóttir and Julia Martin

Photos: Vigfús Birgisson, i8 gallerí

Further information: (Hanna Christel)

February 12-13, 2021

Austurvegur 18:00-22:00


with Íris Lind and Skaftfell Center for Visual Art 

The students of Seyðisfjarðarskóli have been invited to participate in the project The light goes home, which is part of List í Ljósi art festival and is being developed in collaboration with Skaftfell Center for Visual Art. The project’s concept is by Íris Lind Sævarsdóttir, a visual artist and art therapist who lives and works in Egilsstaðir. On Friday 12th of February small artworks by each and every student of the elementary school will be displayed on the wall of Herðubreið along Austurvegur. Residents of Seyðisfjörður are welcome to pick one of the artworks, which are attached with magnets, to take home with them and to hang it up, for example on their refrigerator. Please bring a flashlight with you to improve visibility. This art project is regarded as a platform for the children to express positivity towards the residents in town. Íris donated both the concept of her work and her time to this project, and we are very grateful for her beautiful gift. 

February 12, 2021

Austurvegur 17:00-19:00 & 20:00 - 22:00

Félagsmiðstöðin Lindin with Anna Margrét & Tess Rivarola

Féló á List í ljósi!


Hittumst í Herðubreið, blöndum liti og pælum í formum og orðum til framtíðar. Málum á útivegg Herðubreiðar fyrir hverja þá sem eiga leið fram hjá! 

February 12-13, 2021

Austurvegur 18:00-22:00

Elvar Már Kjartansson og Hanna Christel Sigurkarlsdóttir 'The sun shines bright and full'

The art work consist of material which Elvar and Hanna relate to and have used before separately in their work.

Elvar and Hanna are both from Reykjavík, got married in Seyðisfjörður in 2007 and have lived there since 2012. Elvar normaly works with experimental music under the artist name Auxpan. Hanna gratuated from the art department of Iceland University of Arts in 2002 and has participated in several exhibitions. She works mainly with spatial installations with a focus on sense of material and color.

February 12-13, 2021

Austurvegur 18:00-22:00

Rafael Vázquez 'Heiðný's eyes '

Rafael Vázquez is a photographer from Madrid. Trained in arts, and with a long professional trajectory in design and advertisement, he has been traveling for the past eight years and currently lives in Seyðisfjörður.


February 12-13, 2021

Old Austurvegur 18:00-22:00

Apolline Fjara and Hallur 'Góða Ferð'

When Breiðablik went floating, Cordula wished a house boat. Safe travels Breiðablik, and see you soon.


February 12-13, 2021

Old Austurvegur 18:00 - 22:00

Arndis yr Hansdottir
EXPO Headquarters : MEMORIUM

Set on the Eastern side of the Fjord the daring Silver Palace was an audacious architectural landmark with seductive and groundbreaking design. The building with it’s stainless steel facade provided an urban and self-indulgent context to the town. As the architectural landscape changes around us the SilfurCON: 1986 INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION hopes to remember the romantic and opulent glamour of this corporate icon.

February 12-13, 2021

Austurvegur 18:00-22:00

Kristjan Torr 'MASS WASTE'

An installation of videographs of work, energy and the night sky.


February 12-13, 2021

Herðubreið bókasafn 

Julia Martin 'Skel (Shell)'

Skel (Shell) looks at the proximity of manmade shelters and wilderness in Seyðisfjörður. The colours, shapes and textures of roofs and mountains stand in strong contrast, but the signs of their material aging blur those differences over time. A house becomes a mountain, a rock becomes a home. As our shells get thinner, new forms of refuge will be found.
Julia Martin is an artist and landscape architect from Berlin. She moved to Seyðisfjörður in 2013. Her works investigate the relationships between objects and agents, spatially and over time, and the ecologies that they form and transform.

February 11-14, 2021

Flag poles of Seyðisfjörður

Linus Lohmann

Linus Lohmann (Born 1982 in Hannover, Germany) graduated from Hannover University of Applied sciences and Arts and concluded with a Masters degree with honors at Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin in 2012. He has been living and working in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland since. His work often combines sculptural and/or kinetic elements that reveals processes from technology or dynamic forms in relation to traditional handcraft techniques. His interest in the intersection between the hand and the device is also apparent in works where the outcome relies on hand build devices, machines or special material properties, thus both incorporating process, performance and, in some cases, drawings resulting from a certain movement or intricate process.

February 12-13, 2021

Austurvegur 18:00-22:00

Leikskólinn Sólvellir með Lilaï Licata

February 12-13, 2021

Old Austurvegur 18:00 - 22:00

Ioana Popovici

In view of the recent events that shook the community of Seydisfjordur, my light installation Fractal aims to revolve around the concept of rebirth and renewal, overlapped with the underlying qualities of fragility, unpredictability, momentariness, and the constant change of anything that appears solid, firm, and stable. My intention is to approach the common belief in a continuum, dismantle it and expose it as a fragmented, fractured, inter-dependent reality.

February 12-13, 2021

Old Austurvegur 18:00-22:00

Kristjan Torr MASS WASTE

An installation of videographs of work, energy and the night sky.

Heima x List í ljósi Publication Crystals001

The publication is a print version of the List í Ljósi x HEIMA project. Heima Art Collective is an ecology consisting of fifteen collaborators with various practices and relations to Seyðisfjörður and with varied proximity to current circumstances, experience an intensified sensation of care-relations to people, non-humans, landscapes and the communities they form.

The publication consists of 26 original artworks, printed on riso in Seyðisfjörður with thanks to Fossgata Publishing. 400 copies of the artworks have been made for this publication and distributed to the residents of Seyðisfjörður.

Tækniminjasafn Austurlands kynnir

Tækniminjasafn Austurlands kynnir með stolti Heimildarmyndina “Seyðisfjörður kallar upp! Þegar nútímatæknin hélt innreið sína” eftir Dr. Sigríði Matthíasdóttur, Jón Pálsson og Söndru Ólafsdóttir.- Herðubíó - Það eru takmörkuð sæti í boði, miðapantanir í gegnum facebook Herðubíó eða í síma 7702444.

LungA x List í Ljósi kynnir GLERHÚS - Úti Gallerí Seyðisfjarðar

Glerhúsið er samfélagsverkefni. Sýningarrými sem er opið allan sólahringinn, úti undir berum himni. Opnunarsýning Glerhússins er föstudagur 12.feb, kl. 18:00 en í framtíðinni geta bæði stofnanir jafnt sem sjálfstæðir listamenn fengið að sýna í Glerhúsinu til styttri eða lengri tíma. LungA og List í ljósi hafa umsjón með Glerhúsinu en það er sett upp í samstarfi við Íspan ehf.

February 11, 2021

Herðubíó 20:00-21:00

February 12-14, 2021



Sýnir 56 kvikmyndir og myndskeið frá sjálfstæðum kvikmyndagerðarmenn um allan heim! ( @flatearthcinema)

February 12-14, 2021


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