HEIMA Residency, Seyðisfjörður, Iceland 

In 2019, List í ljósi Festival joined creative forces with HEIMA Residency to develop a new Nordic Programme in line with the 2019 festival. The HEIMA x LIST Í LJÓSI project established two growing facets of Nordic culture in one place, opening the door to the Nordic region by bringing together 6 artists, chosen by a panel of 6 curators from their respective Nordic countries for a 2 month residency in the uniquely designed HEIMA space, to produce site-specific, impressive artwork for the List í Ljósi festival in Iceland.

As a dynamic part of HEIMA x LIST Í LJÓSI programme, we assembled a Creative Advisory Panel comprising of some of the best curators from the Nordic region. These active and exciting curators and producers from Greenland, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and the Faroe Islands are engaged with their local art networks sit on the Creative Advisory Panel as representatives of their respective Nordic area. The aim is not only to generate exciting conversations between countries, but to feature the highest-quality artwork possible to both a local and international audience.

2019 Creative Advisory Panel Members:

• Marie Nipper - director of Copenhagen Contemporary, Denmark 

• Atle Nielsen - curator at Vestfold Kunstsenter in Norway
• Bronwyn Jean Bailey-Charteris - curator of learning at Index in Sweden 

• Marina Valle Noronha - curator at HIAP in Finland 
• Iris Bakker - artist and producer from Denmark and Greenland
• Hansina Iversen - artist and curator from the Faroe Islands 

2019 Awarded Residency Member:

Lotte-Rose - Denmark www.lotte-rose.com

Christian Elovara - Denmark www.christianelovara.com

Ellen Griegel - Norway www.ellensofiegriegel.com

Naja Abelsen - Greenland www.najaabelsen.dk

Heliosynchesiy Research Centre - Sweden www.google-my-symptoms.info

Allowing for a residency provides each Nordic artist with valuable time and space to create extraordinary, high-quality work and to engage with the Icelandic landscape from their distinct perspectives. As a residency, the HEIMA accommodation and studio has been designed to encourage dynamic dialogue between residents, and the 2 months spent there will also allow the Nordic artists to not only share creative ideas but to develop long-lasting networks between countries. http://h-e-i- m-a.com HEIMA (founded in 2013) is an independent multidisciplinary art residency for emerging and established artists. The residency is located in Seyðisfjörður an Icelandic port town that is home to just 650 people and yet, thanks to a thriving creative scene, supports an established art school, cinema, theatre, two artist residencies, and the Dieter Roth Academy. Since its inception, HEIMA has hosted hundreds of artists who have gone on to collaborate, exhibit transnationally and sell work internationally. Artists have founded collectives, residencies and festivals from their stints at the residency.

All final artworks were exhibited as part of List í Ljósi 2019 programme.